About Us

We're music people. We love music, all types of music, good music of course. We want to make that music accessible to you.

We are an online music licensing platform a new kind of agent for independent musicians, composers and music producers, digitally connecting them with buyers in the mainstream media. We have an extensive and varied knowledge of the music industry in its many incarnations, both with the independents and the majors, along with experience in brand building, marketing, advertising, film and the digital and mobile worlds.

Why Africori?

We are based in Africa and have worked across the continent. We love African music but also know firsthand how difficult it can be to access the songs you are after. In making this music accessible internationally we can empower artists and producers across the continent. We have an ever expanding catalogue of pre cleared tracks along with a network of partners around the world. Should we not have the track you are after we can get it for you!

Working with Africori is easy, transparent and hassle free. Our technology is robust. We license Music "Made in Africa" to the world. Music that works. Music to your Ears.

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Are you an independant artist from Africa? Submit your music and be part of Africa's leading music licensing platform. This is your opportunity to earn and gain exposure.

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